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Here you can find out about some of the exciting learning opportunities Beech class have had. 
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  • Mrs Aston

    Class Teacher

    Year 3 Morning Teacher
    Beech Afternoon Teacher

  • Mrs Rowley

    Beech Class Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Charles

    Teaching Assistant

PE Summer 1
This term we are working on our fitness in PE. We will be developing lots of skills including, running, jumping, skipping and stamina.
Design and Technology 
During the spring term we planned, made and evaluated healthy wraps.
The Big Brush
We really enjoyed having a visitor to help us brush up on our teeth cleaning skills.
Gloucester Cathedral Visit
On Monday 18th March Year 3, 4 and 5 visited Gloucester Cathedral. We had a lovely day touring the Cathedral and identifying features of religious places. We were inspired by the Stained Glass Windows, stone work and art within the building. 
In science during spring term 2 the children have been learning all about plants. During this session we dissected flowers to look at the individual parts.
In maths this term we have been learning about multiplication and division. Here the children are working with flexible partitioning.
World book Day fun
The children dressed up as their favourite book characters. We talked about our favourite books, designed book covers and took part in the BBC live lesson.
In computing this term the children have been developing their skills using the programme 'Scratch'
During the Spring term the children have been developing their biking skills.
In history during the spring term the children have been learning about famous explorers and the journeys of Christopher Columbus.
Life Skills
In life skills we have been learning about personal development. Here the children are showing perseverance as they try out new skills.
In PE during spring 1 we have been developing our tennis skills.
Cheltenham Literature Festival 
We really enjoyed our session with Pamela Butchart. She was so funny and gets us lots of ideas for our own stories. We even met The Gruffalo.
Dean Heritage Centre 
We had a fantastic time exploring 'The Dean Heritage Centre'. The children had lots of interesting questions about the house and all the displays. It is definitely worth visiting with your family as there was so much to see and do.
Victorian School Experience
As part of our visit to the Dean Heritage Centre we took part in the Victorian school experience. I think it is safe to say that everyone prefers school now. 
RE- Who is Muslim and what do they believe?
In RE we have been discussing what we would whisper to babies as their first words. We learnt that a special prayer is whispered to babies when they are born into a Muslim family.
Design and Technology
During summer 1 we will learning about the changes in technology and designing wearable technology.
Great Fire of London
In history during summer 1 we are learning about The Great Fire of London, we have started by comparing London now to in the past.
Visit from Sue Middleton Forest Verderer
We really enjoyed a visit from Sue Middleton to talk to us about her role as a Verderer.
This term the children are learning about festivals and celebrations in different religions.
As part of our plants unit we investigated how water travels through the plant. 
Life Skills
In life skills we have been looking at the people who help us.
The children are busy creating their own music using the pentatonic scale.
Cricket Day
We had great fun during our experience cricket day. 
What our School is like now
In history this term we are comparing schools now and then. We began by looking at what our school is like now.
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
During the autumn term in English we are studying the book 'The Iron Man'. Here we are exploring some of the feelings discussed in the book when the Iron Man first arrives.
Schools Timeline
In history we have been ordering pictures of schools through the ages and discussing how they have changed.
Flexible Number Partitioning
In maths we have been exploring how we can partition numbers flexible using different manipulatives.