Chestnut 2021-2022

Poetry Basket
Each year group will be learning at least 2 poems each term (please note the poems below have been chosen for children in Year 1).
We will perform and video our poems at the end of the term for you to enjoy!
Why is Poetry important?
"Learning poems together is an enjoyable way of experiencing the play of language
Reciting poetry creates a close bond between the adult and the child
Saying poems out loud emphasises the sounds and rhythms of language or the syllables contained in each word, a vital part of learning to read.
When reciting a poem with actions, children discover and use new words in an almost effortless way.
As children recite poetry, the neurons in their brain light up. By repeating and learning new poems regularly, they strengthen their ability for memorising in this way.
The more poems children hear and recite, the more capable they become of recognising and memorising patterns, a vital part of early maths."  Helicopter Stories 
Reading Buddies!
This term the children will have the opportunity to take home a 'reading buddy'. 
Please return your reading buddy on Thursday so they can have a wash over the weekend ready for new adventures on Monday.
We would love to see photos of your child reading with their reading buddy :)
Looking at the newts before they go into the pond!
We have been very busy designing coasters and learning how to thread a needle. The children have worked really hard and have shown resilience and patience whilst learning how to sew. Thank you to Mrs Bishop and  Mrs Evans who have volunteered to help us on Tuesday afternoons.
We can't wait to show you on Tuesday 12th July during the parent drop in sessions.  
Sports Day!
Sports Day On Tuesday 28th June, we held our annual sports day. It was fantastic to experience this together this year as a school, for the first time since 2019! It was great to see so many parents and family members come to see the sports afternoon. Despite the wind, the children were demonstrating teamwork, resilience and determination. At Ellwood School our aims are to provide children with a range of skills for their future. Our focus this year was for the children to develop their social skills, teamwork and communication skills. Well done to all of the children who took part, you all tried your best and should be so proud. During the carousel activities the children had great fun earning points for their house group, whilst practising skills such as throwing and catching and jumping. This was followed on by the track events where the children were working together to score more points for their house group.
Thank you to Cam, Conner and Miss Hek for organising the afternoon and to the staff for supporting the event.
Well done to Goldfinch House for being the sports day cup winner this year!
The children have been learning how to create a PowerPoint. This has involved typing text, making new slides, inserting pictures and shapes, as well as making text bold, italic and underlined.
Healthy Eating Week!
On Tuesday, the children made heathy snacks as part of healthy eating week. The children added healthy toppings onto rice cakes.
The children have designed coasters for a family member and they have thought about colours and designed they like. We have started sewing our designs onto our coasters this week.
I am very impressed with the children's concentration and sewing skills already! 
On Monday, we started our new book 'Sea Saw' and discussed what we thought the story might about. The children then shared their special teddies that have been 'passed down' through their families.
Jubilee Fun!
We have been busy in Maths this term. We have used our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to write repeated addition sums (2+2+2=6). Shared items between plates and discussed numbers that can be shared and numbers that can't. We have now started fractions, this week we have been looking at finding, showing and making halves.
Bird Pottery
Thank you to Georgie and Katie who helped us paint our designs onto the ceramic bunting. The children worked hard to create detailed patterns. 
We can't wait to see the results ready for the Jubilee party!
Year 1 have been busy planting in the garden. We are growing runner beans in pots and in bags. We are already seeing signs of the runner beans and sun flowers growing!
In Science we have been looking at the parts of plants and we have discussed the functions of the roots, stem and petals. 
It would be great if you could identify common flowers, plants and trees with your child.
Design and Technology
We are finishing our Spring project - making playground equipment.
We have discussed how to make things stronger by adding more blu tac and lollipop sticks for support. Design and Technology is a great opportunity for children to practise their problem solving skills and building their resilience. We will discuss what worked well and what we would do differently next time. 
Science- Plants
This term our unit for Science is plants!

We started our unit discussing what are plants and then sorting the pictures. We are growing runner beans and sunflowers. We will be then identifying plants and flowers to make our own identification booklet.
The children had the opportunity to learn how to play Kurling. 
After looking at Art work by Andy Goldsworthy the children made their own sculptures and land art using natural resources.
The children were very creative. We then took lots of rubbings outside.
Well done to Phoebe, who has read her first chapter book.
Seb has also been reading chapter books at home.
Year 1 are currently reading 'Billy and the Minpins' during class story time.
World Poetry Day!
The children have been learning the poem 'Pop Corn'. Chestnut performed their poem to Oak Class, well done!
Egg Experiment!
Mad Scientist Day!

Thank you to Mrs Aston for organising the day and for showing the children some great experiments!
Chestnut and Beech class have watched videos of Miss Hek's and Mrs Aston's visit to Little Drybrook mine. The children watched videos of the wagon coming out of the mine and saw what it was like to work in a mine.
Earlier on in the term the children wrote letters to Mr Ball who grow up in Ellwood to find out what it was like to go to Ellwood school and how it has changed. Mr Ball has very kindly replied to the children in a letter which we have been reading together. Mr Ball has also created a display of old photos of Ellwood.
Well done everyone on riding your bikes this week!
The children are learning an African dance in PE this term with Miss Yee Yee.
One of our school values are 'kindness'. Miss Hek is looking to give out her kindness cards to reward children who are showing this value.
School values:
In ICT this week we have been learning how to program a Bee-bot. We have been practising planning and amending instructions. 
Once the children have read 120 times they will receive a golden ticket which they can exchange for a tea party and a prize. 
Remember to read 4 times a week to enter the reading raffle.
Dean Heritage Centre!

We had a fantastic day despite the weather!
The children took part in several workshops where they found out what it was like to pull a hod, make a Victorian toy, practised writing in the classroom and found out what it was like in a Foresters Cottage with 'Mumma Meek' who the children really enjoyed!
Our Support Balloons!
This year’s theme is ‘Growing Together’. Growing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other grow. The children created their own ‘Support Balloons’ and consider the people in their lives who help them to grow.
Science/Forest Adventures with Miss Comley!
This week the children made bug hotels and went on bug hunts in the garden. They also took part in an experiment to find out how animals adapt to live in their habitat. For example; Polar Bears in the Arctic need to keep warm, but how?
Chance to Shine Road Show!
Internet Safety Week
Please see the links below to find the optional homework and SMART poster 
Thursday 3rd February 
Thank you to Mr Toomer who visited us this week.
As part of our History topic Mr Toomer spoke about his Grancher Harry and the similarities and differences for a child growing up in the 1900s. The children were very luckily to have the opportunity to see Harry's medals. 
Mr Toomer also demonstrated with jam and Weetabix how coal is under the surface and how miners would have to dig down to find the coal. The children enjoyed this visual demonstration of how mining works!
Thursday 3rd February
Gymnastics this week. 
Learning the story of Handa's Surprise 
Making rubbings and printings 
Chestnut and Beech class walked to the 'tump' and found out that the hill is a human feature because it is made out of the waste from mining.
The children mixed different types of mud and made 'cave' paintings on the playground. 
Today we made posters on how to keep safe around roads.
Making smoothies!
Today the children helped to make a berry smoothie :)
Thursday 13th January 
This week we have been exploring materials to make a base for our windmills.
Wednesday 5th January 
Today we had a basket with a letter from Handa (Handa's surprise)! The letter asked the children to taste the fruit in the basket and plan a healthy meal for Handa! 
We tasted:
Avocado  (the children were not too keen on this!)
West Midland Safari Park!
Friday 10th December
Christmas Jumper Day!
Thursday 9th December
Well done to all the children for performing such a fantastic Nativity. We have a great day!
Wednesday 8th December
This week we have been looking at instructions. The children have looked at what is needed when writing instructions. We then made mince pies to help us with our instruction writing on Friday!
Thursday 25th November
As part of our RE topic 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' we vised the Methodist Church in Coalway where Reverend Michelle introduced the topic and showed the children an Advent wreath and discussed the Nativity story and the roles of the different characters. 
22.11.21 - 26.11.21
This week the children have been learning how to represent numbers using tens and ones and identifying how many tens and ones are in a given number.
Design and Technology 
The children have been looking at what houses were made from in 1666 and comparing this to modern houses. The children have started to make their own house which we will then put the houses together to recreate a London street in 1666. 
In English this week the children have started to change the story of the Magic Porridge pot. They have created their new character and planned a new setting for their story. The children have chosen between having the jungle or the beach as their new setting. To help with their planning they listened to sounds of the jungle/beach and looked at pictures to help describe the setting.
Wednesday 24th November
The children have been learning about how the Great Fire of London started and discussed how bakery's have changed over the years. We then made small rolls of bread!
Tuesday 23rd November
As part of our PSHE 'Act of Kindness' topic the children helped pack shoe boxes for the Rotary Charity.
Thank you for all the donations.
Monday 22nd November
In Geography this week the children have been learning about physical and human features of their local area. We walked around the school grounds to take pictures of physical and human features we could see. The children will then make maps of our walk next week.
Shape week!
This week the children worked hard to recognise 3D and 2D shapes. We created patterns and sorted the shapes in many different ways.
Wednesday 3rd November
Today the children worked in partners to design the character 'Poppy' from the Magic Porridge Pot story.
Tuesday 2nd November
Today we made a class story map to help us retell the story and made up actions.
Please practice retelling the story at home with your child (paper copy of the story was sent home Tuesday)
Monday 1st November
Today we had a magic porridge pot arrive in the classroom. We discussed what magic powers the porridge pot could have and what would happen if we touched it or tasted it.
The children then wanted to find out what the porridge felt like... so we had to have a feel!
Our Fire Engines!
Year 1 received a letter from the Wolf and basket of food for our tea party!
Autumn wreaths 
Harvest Festival 
Cake sale! 
We enjoyed the cake sale on Thursday 21st October
Thursday 30th September
Cotswold Wildlife Park 
Year 1 had a fantastic time at Cotswold Wildlife Park.
We saw our favourite animals, ate ice cream and went on a train ride!
Choosing our Library books!
Please return your book on Thursday
Visit from Gloucestershire Fire Service 
Monday 11th October
Friday 1st October
Testing our houses in science!
First day in Year 1!
On Monday the children had an online lesson with Elizabeth who works for the National Archives! Elizabeth showed the children maps of London, we found St. Pauls Cathedral, Pudding Lane, London Bridge and the River Thames on a map. The children we able to talk about why the fire spread quickly using their knowledge of materials.
Week commencing 6th September 2021