Chestnut Class

Class Teacher: Miss E Abbott
Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Rose and Mrs N Davies
Welcome back to the summer term in Chestnut class.  This term's topic is 'Underground, overground' and the children will be learning all about plants and animals.
PE is now on a Tuesday afternoon and the children will also be doing yoga on a Friday morning.  
As part of our Underground, overground topic Chestnut class have been looking at the art of Henri Rousseau. He was a self-taught painter and painted jungle scenes, despite never stepping foot in a jungle! Last week the children were each given a small section of one of his paintings and were set the challenge of copying it. The children used either water colour pencils or water colour paints. Come back soon to see the finished paintings stuck together again!
The year 1 children enjoyed testing materials to find the best material to make Teddy a pair of curtains. Teddy has now gone back into hibernation due to the cold weather and the fact that the children found some material that blocked out all light!
Chestnut class have enjoyed trying some new activities this week, they tried golf on Thursday and on Friday they had a go at developing circus skills. The children were juggling with scarves and spinning plates and were mesmerised by Tom juggling and riding a unicycle.
This term's topic is home and away, we will be learning about the world around us, starting with the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Next we will learn the names of the seven continents and the five major oceans before moving on to comparing the weather of polar regions with ours. 
Outdoor PE will still be on a Thursday afternoon but indoor PE has changed to a Friday afternoon when the children will be learning dance. 
Chestnut class would like to congratulate Finlay, Mikaela, Niall, Charlie and Alfie who have been selected to have riddles that they wrote published early next year.  There were over 12,000 entries in the competition so it is a huge achievement!