Chestnut Class 2020-2021

Welcome to Chestnut Class!
Important information
Pick up and drop off times for Chestnut Class (Year 1/2) 8:45am and 3:05pm
Please ensure your child has their own water bottle and snack - clearly labelled.
Uniform also needs to be clearly labelled.
Please bring in your child's reading wallet and reading books everyday
PE will be on Wednesday afternoons - Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit (your child can wear leggings/jogging bottoms if it is cold). 

We are trying to limit paper-based homework where possible however, we feel that reading and phonics is a priority therefore the children will have enough homework to last until October half term. This is to limit the amount of touch contact with homework books. I will check their Homework during October half term.


Phonics Homework:

Your child will have a purple Phonics Home Book with words to practice. Please complete 3 worksheets a week up until October half term, this should only take 5 minutes per day. Please send your child’s Phonics Home Book back to School in their reading wallet on Monday 19th October. Your child will receive their Phonics Home Book on Monday 14th September with more information.


Spelling Homework:

Your child will have a Dinosaur themed Spelling book which will contain spellings to focus on each week. Spellings will be checked on Friday’s. Your child will need to practice their spellings every day. I have made a list of some fun spelling ideas to encourage your child to practice.


Reading books will be changed on Monday’s and Thursday’s if your child has read their book at least twice. Please aim to listen to your child at least four times a week, this will help them to become fluent readers.

Our topic this term is The Polar Regions!
Useful links
This week we have been learning....
Counting forwards and backwards (10,20 and 50)
Identifying one more and one less (10,20+)
We have been using the book 'Oi Frog' to practice rhyming animals to objects
We have been writing simple sentences focusing on capital letters, full stops and focusing on our handwriting.
We have been adding 's' on the end of words to make them plural
We have discussed what the weather is like in the UK across the 4 seasons. We then discussed what the weather is like in the Arctic and Antarctic. We also watched a video clip of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)! The children enjoyed watching the video clip noticing the different colours and patterns of the lights. We then created our own Northern Lights using chalk! The children are beginning to remember where the Arctic and Antarctic is on a globe.
PE was very hot this week but we are following a sequence of work focusing on dance