March 2020
Ellwood School won the gymnastics competition!
The children trained hard and that hard work paid off. 
They were all amazing. We were consistently placed and won most of the rounds and therefore won over all.
The shield is taking pride of place in the school entrance, along with a lovely trophy.
We are so proud of you all. Well done !
2019 - This year's Forest of Dean primary school competition was held last Saturday and Ellwood won 15 medals; 4 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze including gold, silver and bronze in the year 1 level 1 girls' competition. 
The children all worked really hard to learn their routines and performed them on the day with great control. They were all a credit to the school. 
Thank you to Mrs Laura Beard and Mrs Clare Bishop for their help running the gym club and for their support on the day. 
Highest Team               SCHOOL               Score 
1                                   Mitcheldean            76.4
2                                   Much Birch              75.4
3                                   Madley                    73.9
4                                   Ellwood                   73.25
5                                   Woodside                70.03
6                                   Gorsley Goffs          69.28
7                                   Berry Hill                 66.6
8                                   Clearwell                 52.03

Highest scoring Girl                 
Level                                              Score            School
Level 1    Savanha Dunn - Hale     19.05              Mitcheldean
Level 2    Emily Smith                     18.35              Ellwood
Level 3    Ella Robinson                  18.30              Gorsley Goffs
Level 4    Anastasia Hughes           22.60              Much Birch

Highest scoring Boy                     
Level                                               Score            School
Level 1    Charlie Stokes                 19.15             Madley
Level 2    Archie Weyman               18.00             Woodside
Level 3    Jacob Tipper                    17.80             Mitcheldean