June 2019

6th June 2019
Big Battery Hunt
Thanks to all of the children who contributed to the battery collection  for the Big Battery Hunt competition. We have arranged collection of the batteries that were brought in to school and are delighted to announce that we collected a total of 5574. 
On average 600 million batteries are thrown away every year in the UK and they can take 100 years to decompose so we have done a little bit towards protecting the planet for future generations. as most of these end up in landfill. 
We ran an in-school competition and presented the winners with their prizes in today's achievement assembly. Well done to our winners from Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1, who contributed 1228 of the batteries between them. 
Oak Class - Science Week - June 2019
We started learning about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. The children really impressed us with their knowledge about animals that live in cold climates. We also found information about the Arctic and Antarctica in the Atlas from the 'Travel Agents' role play.  

We then took part in a science experiment called ‘Blubber Gloves’. The children had to put their hand into a ice cold bucket of water to see how long they could keep it in the bucket for. They then put on a glove (filled with violife) and repeated the experiment to see whether the ‘blubber’ kept their hand warmer. The children had a great time taking part in this experiment and were all really excited when it was their turn to have a go.

We then spoke to the children about the effect of human activity on the world. We had a circle time to talk about how we can protect the planet.

June 2019     RE Visits
Children in Y3, Y4 and Y5 visited the Cathedral and
the Masjid E Noor Mosque in Gloucester.
The visits enabled the children to learn more about Christianity and Islam
and examine the similarities and differences between
the two faiths and places of worship.