May 2019

8th May 2019

Newent Cookery Session with Pippa - Oak Class

We had a great morning at Newent Secondry School making savoury rock cakes with Pippa!

Firstly the children worked in pairs to mix the margarine and flour together. Then the children chose 3 savoury ingredients to put in their rock cakes. The children chose lots of interesting combinations (olives, tomatoes, lemon juice, pesto to name a few). The children then mixed in their chosen flavours and added milk to create the right consistency.

We then split the mixture into 2 trays before putting them in the oven to cook. While the rock cakes were cooking the children washed up their equipment and cleaned the worktops.

We discussed with the children the different things we need to do to keep safe in the kitchen and all of children were able to follow the safety rules. I am really proud of the children’s behaviour as they listened really well and followed multiple instructions! Well done everyone!

Thank you to our parents for contributing towards the cost of the trip as without your support these experiences would not be possible!

Beech Class Cooking Trip
We also visited Pippa at Newent School. We designed and made delicious rock cakes.  Thank you to all involved and for all the help from parents to make this happen - we really enjoyed it and learned so much.
Leah from Co-op Travel came to talk to Year 3 about her job as a manager at the travel agents.  She helped us to see how persuasive writing can make people want to visit different places - we are now writing our own posters and leaflets for beach and forest holiday destinations.