Music Curriculum at Ellwood Community Primary School
We enjoy developing our children’s musical awareness through the use of the fantastic Kapow Music scheme. 
Our scheme supports all requirements of the National Curriculum and the new Model Music Curriculum as children learn to develop their skills in Listening and Appraising; Creating and Exploring Musical Activities and Singing and Performing.
We enjoy displaying our musical talents at every opportunity - and we integrate songs, hymns and our instrumental talents into our talent shows, Class Assemblies, Harvest services, Remembrance services, Easter services, Christmas services and productions, end-of year productions and of course, our daily Assemblies.
October 2020
Ellwood is a Music Mark School!
We have been nominated by the Gloucestershire Music Hub to become a Music Mark School for 2020-2021.
Music Mark is the UK Association for Music Education who champion and support access to music for all children and young people.
The Music Mark certificate is awarded to schools who place importance on music and ensure that pupils are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education. We are very excited to receive this certificate and wanted to share this news with our community.
Spring Term 2021
Beech, Sycamore and Willow classes attended a live streamed concert from the London Sinfonietta. The children enjoyed joining in with the sign language and learning about the pentatonic scale. 
Willow took part in one of the challenges set by the London Sinfonietta and created their own compositions on postcards. The children thought creatively about how they could express different elements of music in their own way. Well done Willow. These postcard compositions are brilliant!
Sycamore - Autumn Term 2020
We have been listening and appraising Christmas songs! We discussed the different genres, the various instruments we could hear, structures of the songs and the lyrics. 
We looked at notation and rhythms. We arranged some basic rhythms to create our own composition and we performed it on an untuned instrument. 
We learnt about traditional notation. Soon, we are going to be composing our own Christmas songs and performing them in front of the class.

Young Voices Concert 2019

'Singing and Performing' is so much fun!

 Our School choir travelled to Birmingham on Friday 25th January 2019 to take part in a national singing concert with a difference for a second year running! Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 had learnt a host of songs and showed great enthusiasm and engagement during their rehearsals. 

Another year on and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The atmosphere throughout the day was fantastic and the children had a lot of fun, whilst working hard to practise the songs and dance moves.  

The aim of Young Voices is to inspire a love of music and create memories for the children that will last a lifetime.  The music is specially selected to create a diverse musical repertoire that introduces children to the widest possible spectrum of music. By providing a diverse range of musical styles, our children learnt and enjoyed a fuller understanding of music - and what it means to sing together.  

We would like to thank the parents and families of our pupils for allowing their children to experience such a memorable event - and also for travelling to the arena to be a part of the vast audience.  We hope that it will remain in the memories of our children and their families forever!

Well done!

'Listening and Appraising' at St Briavels School
As part of our 'Listening and Appraising' in Music lessons, pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to St Briavels school to enjoy a performance by an incredible string quartet.  The musicians provided an inspirational show that included many pieces of modern music that we recognised, intertwined with many pieces that were new to us. 
They explained how their instruments were used and answered our many questions about their impressive performance.  The string musicians were extremely talented and they held our attention brilliantly.  They even invited Harriet from Willow Class and Jayden from Sycamore Class to join them in their demonstrations!  We were told that we made a fantastic audience and we were complimented on our wonderful behaviour. 
We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to watch such an engaging production and we loved discussing our favourite pieces that the quartet had played later in the day when we returned to school.
Oak Class - Autumn Term 2018
In Oak Class [Reception] we enjoy exploring the different sounds that musical instruments make.
Spring Term 2021
Sycamore have been enjoying listening and appraising music in different ways. They had to listen to a classical song and doodle ideas about how the song made them feel, the dimensions of the music and what story the music might be telling. In groups, they then had to act out the story they thought the music was telling. We had some lovely creative ideas. We found out that everyone interprets music in different ways. 
Year 4 Brass Lessons - Autumn Term 2020
Year 4 loved learning how to play the trumpet this year. Each week, the children were enjoying musical games, reading music and learning new notes. Their favourite part was learning how to play 'I Feel Good' by James Brown. 
Gloucestershire Academy of Music: Play it - Sing it - Love it
Throughout Spring Term 2019, children from Years 4 and 5 have had the opportunity to learn how to play brass and woodwind instruments on Monday afternoons.  We are very fortunate and thankful that we have the opportunity for music specialists from Gloucestershire Academy of music to come in to teach them - Mrs Ford and Mr Gibbons.  
They are thoroughly enjoying the experience of learning how to read and write music and are having lots of fun - well done!    
Chestnut Class - Spring Term 2019
In Chestnut Class (Year 2 and 3) we have been learning how to read music and play glockenspiels.  We have had fun learning with Mrs Wright and can't wait to play more instruments!