Music at Ellwood

How we Learn at Ellwood
We enjoy developing our children’s musical awareness through the use of the fantastic Charanga Musical School (which is used in over eight thousand primary schools).  
Our scheme supports all requirements of the National Curriculum as children learn to develop their skills in Listening and Appraising; Creating and Exploring Musical Activities and Singing and Performing.
We enjoy displaying our musical talents at every opportunity - and we integrate songs, hymns and our instrumental talents into our talent shows, Class Assemblies, Harvest services, Remembrance services, Easter services, Christmas services and productions, end-of year productions and of course, our daily Assemblies.
We love the 'Creating and Exploring' aspect of Music at Ellwood!
Singing and Performing in the Community
We are very proud of our children’s involvement in the community and their enthusiasm for singing.
After attending the Crossroads Care lunch to sing at Christmas, we received this wonderful email which was full of praise for our choir:
On behalf of the staff of Forest Hills Golf Club, we’d like to say that the children who came and sang here yesterday were outstanding.  Their singing was superb; they were all in tune and they knew all of the words.
We see lots of types of entertainment here and yours was so good that we had to let you know.
Please say well done to all of the children and teachers - and have a wonderful Christmas.
Kind regards,
Alison Breton
Forest Hills Golf Club
Well done, boys and girls!  You are fabulous ambassadors for our school!
Young Voices Concert
Birmingham, January 2018
'Singing and Performing' is so much fun!
Young Voices
Our School choir travelled to the Genting Arena in Birmingham on Tuesday 9th January, 2018 to take part in a national singing concert with a difference!  
Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 had learnt a host of songs and showed fantastic engagement during their rehearsals. 

The aim of Young Voices is to inspire a love of music and create memories for the children that will last a lifetime.  The music is specially selected to create a diverse musical repertoire that introduces children to the widest possible spectrum of music. By providing a diverse range of musical styles, our children learnt and enjoyed a fuller understanding of music - and what it means to sing together. 

For some of the music, our choir had learnt and performed a selection of dance moves which added a fun, electric atmosphere to the concert. 

Nothing could prepare our children for the sound of thousands of voices singing together. With a full 7-piece live band - that was made up of some of the UK’s leading musicians, backing singers, and the internationally acclaimed conductor David Lawrence – it made for one of the most exciting and memorable musical experiences imaginable.

At the event, alongside thousands of other voices, our choir sounded truly enchanting!  We would like to thank the parents and families of our pupils for allowing their children to experience such a memorable event - and also for travelling to the arena to be a part of the vast audience.  We hope that it will remain in the memories of our children and their families forever.  We certainly won't forget the children's proud, beaming faces as they sang!
Well done, everybody!  You are all superstars!
'Singing and Performing':  Our choir was invited back to provide an Easter performance at Forest Hills Golf Club - and they produced another tremendous concert!  Well done, everybody!
Easter Celebrations at Forest Hills Golf Club
'Listening and Appraising' at St Briavels School
As part of our 'Listening and Appraising' in Music lessons, pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to St Briavels school to enjoy a performance by an incredible string quartet.  The musicians provided an inspirational show that included many pieces of modern music that we recognised, intertwined with many pieces that were new to us. 
They explained how their instruments were used and answered our many questions about their impressive performance.  The string musicians were extremely talented and they held our attention brilliantly.  They even invited Harriet from Willow Class and Jayden from Sycamore Class to join them in their demonstrations!  We were told that we made a fantastic audience and we were complimented on our wonderful behaviour. 
We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to watch such an engaging production and we loved discussing our favourite pieces that the quartet had played later in the day when we returned to school.
In Oak Class [Reception] we enjoy exploring the different sounds that musical instruments make.