Oak Class 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Oak Class page!
Class Teacher: Miss Peart
Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jones & Miss Malsom
Friday PM Cover Teacher: Mrs Rees

Christmas Play - December 2019


The children put on a great performance during our Christmas play. The children were very energetic with their singing and performing and had a fantastic day at Whitemead.

BIG thank you to parents for providing the children’s fantastic angel costumes and for coming along to support us during the shows.

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Children in Need - November 2019
The children enjoyed learning about ‘Children in Need’ today. We discussed the different ways people might raise money for the charity and how the money helps children across the UK.
Cinema Trip - November 2019
We had a fantastic time at the cinema this afternoon! The children were very well behaved and really enjoyed ‘The Grinch’. The film was really funny and the children were laughing throughout.
Yoga - November 2019
Oak class are really enjoying their yoga sessions with Caroline. We are learning to calm and relax alongside breathing techniques. We are also learning to control our bodies and complete different yoga poses. 

Anti-bullying week - November 2019


We have been focusing on kindness.

We have talked to the children about the importance of being kind. We discussed the different ways we can show kindness.

We then did the apple experiment. We passed an apple around the circle while saying unkind things. We then passed another apple around the circle while saying kind things. Finally we cut the apples open to see the effect our words and actions had on the apple.

The children were able to talk about emotions - happy and sad.

First Term Complete! - October 2019
We hope you agree the children have had a great first term in Oak class. We have settled into our school routines really well and are enjoying getting to know each other. 
Outdoor Learning - October 2019
We enjoy taking our learning into the outdoor classroom. We have been exploring the Autumn sensory tray during our phonics lesson. 
Big Daily Mile - October 2019
We took part in the BIG daily mile. The children really enjoyed developing their physical skills running around the playground. The children were excited to earn their daily mile sticker. 
Welcome to Oak Class - September 2019
We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new children and their families who have started in Oak class this year. The children have been busy exploring the indoor and outdoor classrooms. The children are forming friendships with their peers and settling into school life really well! 
Outdoor Learning - November 2019
We enjoy taking our learning outdoors. The children went for a sound hunt in the school garden!
No Pens Wednesday - November 2019
We took part in ‘No Pens Wednesday’. All of the pens, pencils, crayons, colouring pencils and highlighters were removed from the classroom meaning the children and adults were unable to do any writing today!

The children were shocked to discover what was missing from our classroom.

We took part in No Pens Wednesday across the school which is an event run by ICAN and the Communication Trust to encourage schools to do speaking and listening activities.

Prayer Space - November 2019


We had the opportunity to take part in prayer space with Reverend Michelle and Jonathan Kear.

The children watched a video to see different people praying. The children then took part in 3 activities. Firstly they put finger prints on God’s hand to show how god looks after us. Secondly they shredded pieces of paper to show forgiveness and saying sorry to others. Finally they worked together to find different pieces of a puzzle and then they put the pieces of the puzzle together to celebrate friendship and teamwork.

Harvest Festival - October 2019

We had a great day celebrating Harvest. The children all looked fantastic in their farmer outfits.

We learnt about what Harvest is and what types of fruits and vegetables are harvested during this time.

We then performed in our first assembly. The children did a brilliant job of singing and performing ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’. It was fantastic to see how confident the children were and how well they behaved throughout the assembly. Well done everyone!

'Jungle Journey' PE Sessions - September 2019
The children have really enjoyed going on a 'Jungle Journey' during our PE sessions. The 'Jungle Journey' programme is helping us to develop our fine and gross motor skills. 
The children have enjoyed moving their bodies in different ways like the animals you might meet in the jungle. We have also been practising our throwing and catching skills using bean bags and balls.
Roald Dahl Day - September 2019
In Oak class we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We took inspiration from the BFG and created our own 'dream jars'. The children used pipettes to put water into their bottles and then added paint and glitter. We also used the story of 'The Enormous Crocodile' to create our own crocodile using different shapes.