PE is an important part of our curriculum at Ellwood Community Primary School.  We have a long tradition of being an active school and have enjoyed a great deal of success in a wide range of sports.
In addition to our PE lessons, which are described below, we also have a wide range of after-school clubs, and regularly invite a range of visitors in to introduce new sports and activities to us, these include golf, archery, fencing, martial arts and yoga.
At EYFS and KS1 our main focus in on developing gross and fine motor skills and ensuring that the children have the ability to run, jump, balance, throw, catch and kick.  As we practice, our abilities improve and we enjoy staying active in our learning.
July 2019
The Reception children participated in their first Sports Day. The children were all keen to have a go at football, cricket, long jump, curling, bean bag throw and running races. 
We have had recent success at the local Forest of Dean hockey tournament for Year 5 and Year 6 children. One of our teams was unbeaten in all 5 games and earned themselves a place in a County wide tournament in Cheltenham on April 2nd. 
Our debate team has also been in action recently. The task set was to argue the case for who we thought the greatest Sports coach is, and what skills and attributes they have. We chose Jurgen Klopp and presented a compelling argument about him. This gave us a well earned 2nd place in the tournament, where we represented the school extremely well.
In Key Stage 2 we look to build on the skills we have acquired in Key Stage 1 and start taking part in some school competitions.  We enjoy lots of team games such as football, hockey and end-ball, but we also practise gymnastics, athletics, dance and swimming as individual events.
We have a range of after school clubs here at Ellwood. The netball club have been practising hard for the Forest South competition this term, whilst the younger children have had fun at multi-sports.