School Aims


Enable children to learn and enjoy reaching their full potential in a stimulating and well managed environment.

Community Aims
• To inform parents and involve them in the life of the school.
• To form constructive links with nurseries, local Primary and Secondary Schools.
• To be aware of and help support the wider community.

Social and Personal Aims
• High standards of behaviour and self- discipline will be encouraged.
• Promotion of respect, friendship and tolerance.
• To recognise and value contributions to the life of the school.
• To encourage enquiring attitudes and purposeful approaches to work.

Curriculum Aims
• To provide a broad balanced and well organised curriculum that is in line with national requirements, emphasising Key Language Skills.
• To ensure efficient use of all resources.
• To assess needs of all children and match work appropriately.
• To provide quality teaching, supported by relevant training.
• To expect and reward high standards of effort and presentation.