Special Educational Needs and Disabilities [SEND]

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities [SEND]
Miss Peart and Mrs Woodhouse are the Special Educational Needs Coordinators [SENCOs] at Ellwood Community Primary School. 
Miss Peart: EYFS & KS1 
Mrs Woodhouse: KS2
Our SENCOs are available to meet with parents/carers if they have any concerns about their child's SEND needs or progress. If you need to speak to Miss Peart or Mrs Woodhouse, please make an appointment through the school office. 

At Ellwood Community Primary School, all children are valued equally, regardless of their abilities or needs. Our aim is for all children to achieve their full potential and become rounded individuals by giving them a broad and balanced curriculum. The school recognises that every child is different and will have their own interests and needs. Staff will use this as much as possible to help children within their learning.


Special Educational Needs and Disability [SEND] is when pupils need additional or different provision to enable them to achieve their potential. It is when one or more of the following is a barrier to their learning:


· Communication and Language

· Social, Emotional and Mental Health

· Cognition & Learning

· Medical, Physical or Sensory Needs