Special Visitors in Oak Class!

1st May 2018
Special Visitors in Oak Class
In Oak class, we have been learning about occupations. Two special visitors came in to talk to us about their occupations. 
Isabelle's mum (Katy) came in to talk about her role as a physiotherapist. We learnt a lot about different bones and what a physiotherapist does to help people. The children had a fantastic morning and even got the chance to listen to each other’s heartbeats and breathing using the stethoscope. Katy also brought in books about how our bodies work and bone models for the children to explore. 
Darcie's mum (Laura) also came in to talk to the children about her role as a paramedic. The children had lots of fun listening to Laura talk about being a paramedic. The children also got to try on the ambulance jackets and have a look at some of the equipment used on an ambulance.
We really appreciate your time!