Sycamore 2021-2022

Welcome to Sycamore Class! 
Class Teacher: Mrs Howell
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Genner - Morris, Mrs Threadgall, Mrs Sheppard, Miss Hancock
September 2021
Sycamore has gone to war! It was announced that Britain had gone to war so the boys of Sycamore class were enlisted into the army. The girls of Sycamore waved goodbye and began to explore the jobs that women had to take on on the Home front. They put on their nurses badges and explored the role of nurses during WW1, explored the role of a shop keeper using ration books, they made bombs and missiles out of modelling clay and learnt about land girls. Meanwhile, the boys had been sent off to training. They were made to take part in fitness sessions, drill and field work before being sent out to battle on the Western Front.