Sycamore 2021-2022

Welcome to Sycamore Class! 
Class Teacher: Mrs Howell
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Genner - Morris, Mrs Threadgall, Mrs Sheppard, Miss Hancock
Our topic this term is World War One.
We have had lots of children engaging with our topic outside of the classroom! The children have been enjoying talking to members of their family to learn about their ancestors involvement in the wars! The children have been learning so much and have brought in some really interesting, special items to share with the class. We love this enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning!
Happy Harvest Festival!
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We have been learning about World War 1 air raids. We learnt about Zepplins. We looked at how they were built. We tried to make our own propellers and wrote poems about this special aircraft. 
We have been learning different yoga poses. After we had learnt them, we had to put them together into a sequence. 
November 2021
October 2021
As an 'act of kindness' in their PSHE lessons, Sycamore went out around the school locality and litter picked. They collected lots of litter and are very proud of how they they helped the community, the school and the environment around them. Great work, Sycamore!
Year 4 set up a scientific enquiry to investigate the impact of a change to the environment on living things. Our findings were very interesting! The children concluded that small changes to the environment can have a negative impact on living things. The small change to the environment caused the grass to die. This can have an impact on the living things that normally feed on these producers. This can have a knock on effect on the food chain! 
We have been learning about algorithms and creating a programme. We have been learning to debug our programmes so that we can create a successful quiz on Scratch. 
Cotswold Wildlife Park Trip
We had the best trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park! We loved going to the educational talk about the penguins and the meerkats and their habitats.
September 2021
European Day of Languages
For European Day of Languages, we explored the country of Austria and the German language. We learnt some key facts about Austria, learnt how to have a conversation in German, sang songs and leant how to make Austrian hats! Gut erledigt!
We have been learning about food chains. The children were given a top predator and then they had to research to create the food chain for this animal. 
On Friday, we came into the classroom to find that we had been transported back to 1914! We entered the trenches with the equipment that a soldier would have. Most importantly, we all had our diaries and pencils! We crawled through the entrance to the trench and heard the gun shots. We even saw the lights flashing in the distance from the explosions. 
As we had a few spare minutes before being on duty, we decided to write a diary entry!
Sycamore has gone to war! It was announced that Britain had gone to war so the boys of Sycamore class were enlisted into the army. The girls of Sycamore waved goodbye and began to explore the jobs that women had to take on on the Home front. They put on their nurses badges and explored the role of nurses during WW1, explored the role of a shop keeper using ration books, they made bombs and missiles out of modelling clay and learnt about land girls. Meanwhile, the boys had been sent off to training. They were made to take part in fitness sessions, drill and field work before being sent out to battle on the Western Front.
In PSHE, we have been looking at the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We have learnt about the different activities and actions we can do to achieve the different ways. We put all of our ideas onto paper to create a display to remind us.