Sycamore Class

Class Teacher: Miss. Rogers
Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Genner-Morris
Welcome to Sycamore Class!
Over the past few weeks in Sycamore Class, we have been learning how to write Cinquain and Haiku Poetry. Here are our Haiku Poems we have written about the recent Snow Day! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them ...  
Fluffy snow angels. 
Yummy, delicious cocoa,
melting marshmallows. 
Oliver, Lola, Charlie, Noah, Alexa and Ava
Yay, there is no school,
powdery snow like flour. 
Laughing, so much fun!
Ella, Lucas, Mckenzie, Josh, Carrera and Emily
We walk in the snow,
whizzing down a steep steep hill!
The smell of chicken.
Nathan, Harry, Jayden, Finley and Luke
Having fun skiing,
freezing, frosty snowball fights.
Drinking hot chocolate.  
Kiyan, Louie, Melissa, Aiden and Astrid
Making snow angels,
have fun skiing in the snow!
Frost is in the air. 
Jack, Isabella, Tegan, Joshua, Theo and Tommy
We have been focussing on the importance of keeping healthy and eating a balanced diet this half term. Sycamore have learnt about the different food groups on their Eatwell Plate and invented their own balanced dishes!