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Please find a suggested timetable with ideas of activities and tasks that can be carried out on a daily basis. If you would like to keep a log of completed activities along with any photographs for evidence, that will be great.
Just remember, we are in these uncertain, stressful and unknown times together. You are doing a good job!
For more creative writing activities, like the ones in your home learning pack, follow the link to this website. Pobble 365 upload a new picture every single day with different writing activity ideas!
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Why not challenge your friends in your class to a Times Table battle?
Follow the links to find out more about the Ancient Greeks! You could research some facts and then create a leaflet, poster or presentation.
Get children to practice their coding skills by creating games on Scratch!
Why not have a go at these Easter themed activities:

Here is a message from the people of St Hilaire, where our French penfriends live. It seems as though they are living in very similar circumstances to us.

News from St Hilaire EFB, April 3rd 2020

Lockdown from March 17th at noon to April 15th 2020 (subject to extension?)

Our life in Saint Hilaire de Riez is confined: motto is “I am saving lives- I am staying home”.

The following is prohibited under penalty of fine:

- Taking a walk on the beaches, the “Corniche” (ridge) in the forests and playgrounds.

- Hunting and fishing in freshwaters, and nautical activities.

A confined town:

- Restaurants and pubs are closed; cinemas and shows are closed.

- Sporting and cultural associations do not function.

- Schools and colleges are closed.

The following is authorised with a duly filled waiver form:

- Getting out one hour a day for a walk within a one-kilometre radius from home.

- For medical consultation or urgent health care.

- Shopping for basic necessities.

- Going to work when working from home is not possible.

The Mayor, along with the Municipality, are staying alert facing the current situation, and so far have

organised the following:

- A phone number “Town Hall-Green Emergency” for residents.

- Food aid for the neediest through vouchers they can redeem at food stores.

- Live phone aid for isolated inhabitants over 72.

- Free home delivery of drugs by chemists.

- Two food stores can freely deliver foodstuff, gas canisters…

- Schools are operating a basic service for health care personnel’s children only.

This is our current way of life in Saint-Hilaire de Riez. By agreeing with this painful, but necessary,

lockdown we do not contaminate each other, and thus show respect to our fellow neighbours.

However, we (most of us) are enjoying our gardens and the Atlantic Ocean healthy breeze, not

forgetting our wonderful sunsets. Luckily we are enjoying a sunny Spring almost every day since the

lockdown started.

Good luck and friendship blows to our Coleford friends: looking forward to seeing and meeting you

again. Warm greetings to all of you.