Sycamore Class 2019-20

Welcome to Sycamore!
Class Teacher: Miss Carruthers
Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Genner - Morris and Mrs Clements
D and T - January - February 2020
We have planned, designed and created our own Greek chariots. Firstly, we looked the axels and wheels and how they work together. We explored designs and tested them out. After careful thought and team work, our chariots were ready to be tested. 
Science - January 2020
To end our science unit on Human Nutrition, we conducted an experiment to investigate the effects of various drinks on our teeth. We had fun investigating different types of toothpaste as well!
PE - Dance - December 2019
We spent a day working in pairs and small groups to put together three different routines based on the Great Wall of China (which we had learnt about in topic). We used a mixture of dance, acrobatics and balances.
English - November 2019
We wrote a script for a news report to let Ellwood residents know about a strange orange glow that was seen in the night. We recorded our news reports, edited them and then showed them to the class. 
No Pens Day - November 2019
We went out into the woods to help us write a setting description on the woodland. We explored sight, smells, touch and sounds.
Science - November 2019
In ‘Human Nutrition’ we learnt about the digestive system and teeth. We conducted experiments to find out about the effects of different drinks on our teeth and even investigated toothpaste!
Author Visit - Steve Clifford - October 2019
In October we had author Steve Clifford come into school and lead writing workshops. He told us the beginning of a story and then we had to write the rest of the story. He gave us lots of ideas and tips. He inspired us to create our own books. Once we had finished these, we sat around and shared our stories with the class. 
Art - October 2019
In art we have been studying Egyptian artist Alaa Awad. We studied a range of his street art and compared it to a famous street artist, Banksy. We held a debate on the topic of ‘Is street art vandalism?’. We looked into how Banksy creates his artwork and stencils. We had a go at creating our own art inspired by Banksy. 
English - September 2019
In English, we have been writing about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun. The children came in to school to find the classroom had been taped off. The children had to crawl through the tunnels to get into the ‘tomb’.
We have had a great start to the year and are looking forward to working with you and your children throughout the coming year. 
Brass Lessons - January - March 2020
This term, Year 4 have been enjoying learning how to play the trumpet. They have been taught a range of songs. One of their favourites was ‘I Feel Good’ by James Brown! A special thank you to Kerry Ford for teaching us!
English - December 2019
We explored the book the ‘Willow Pattern Story’ which links to our topic the Shang Dynasty. We wrote our own myths then made our own clay plates and painted them to depict our myth. 
Art / D and T - September - November 2019
We have made cushions that are fit for a Pharaoh! We researched, planned, designed and created a cushion for Cleopatra. We learnt lots of new stitches using a needle and also had great fun on the sewing machine. Many thanks to Mrs Bishop for all of her help. 
Topic - October 2019
In topic we mummified tomatoes. We learnt lots about the mummification process!
Science - October 2019
We have been constructing our own circuits, learning about switches, insulators and conductors. 
English - September 2019
In English we have been reading ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. We loved reading this Egyptian twist on a classic fairytale and we enjoyed acting them out. 
European Day of Languages - September 2019
Today we got stuck into a range of activities to help us learn more about Austria. We learnt some key phrases in German, persevered while making our own Austrian hats, used potatoes to print a repeated pattern, and we did a lot of singing. 
Roald Dahl Day - September 2019
On the 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We learnt about his life, looked at some of his most famous books and selected inspirational quotes to make our own quote cards.