Welcome to Eco Schools

Welcome to Eco Schools 
We are delighted to announce that we have now re- registered with Eco schools! 
Eco Schools is linked to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and is designed to get children and young people involved in environmental projects alongside their families, the school and the wider community. . 
It is child led and focuses on topics that are interesting, accessible and relevant to them. 
How Eco Schools Works- The Eco School Journey:
The Bronze Award- This involves forming an Eco Committee and Class representatives for each class, creating a whole school Eco Board, completing an Environmental Review (to see what areas we need to work on) and forming an Action Plan to select three main topics to work on across the school.
Progress so far- All pupils across the school have taken part in electing a Committee and our Class Reps. We have a whole school Eco Board in the main corridor and the Eco Committee have completed the Environmental Review. 
Next Steps- The Eco Committee will write an Action Plan based on the Environmental Review and send this to the Class reps and Class Teachers. The Eco Committee and the Class Reps will then organise activities for the whole school to take part in, in order to meet the targets in our Action Plan. 
Once our Action Plan is written and displayed we will be eligible for our Bronze Award!
The Silver Award 
The whole school will take part in activities like energy conservation, recycling and reducing litter and waste as well as tackling other environmental projects.
Classes will also incorporate environmental issues into their classwork relating to the topics chosen by the children.
In order to achieve the Silver Award we will have to submit evidence of all the things the children throughout the school have planned and achieved. 
The Green Flag Award
We will be awarded this once we have submitted evidence of all the activities and work that the children have achieved relating to their chosen environmental issues. 
The children are all excited about taking part and I am sure we will all learn a lot and have loads of fun on the way to achieving our Eco School status! 
We will keep you up to date with our activities and progress via Eco Schools on the website as well as through the school news letters. 
I hope as the year goes on that parents and the wider community will be able to join in with some of our activities, though obviously at the moment this will not be possible. 
Mrs Clements