Willow Class

Class Teachers: Mrs N Marshall and Mrs S Breakwell
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Sheppard
Spring Term, 2018
Our new Geography-based topic for the Spring Term, 'Home and Away', got off to a fantastic start today!  We welcomed a lovely German lady, called Bonnie, along with her husband, into our class.  Bonnie was born - and brought up - in Germany and she lives there were her British husband, Jake.
We discovered that Bonnie teaches English to children in Germany and Jake is a translator for adults.  It was fascinating to hear Bonnie speaking in German.  We were very grateful that Jake could translate everything that she said.
Together, they taught us all about Germany, its environment, its people and its culture and we learnt lots of interesting things that have inspired our interest in our new topic.  Bonnie also helped us to learn simple greetings in German - and by the end of the session, we could all hold a short conversation in German.  We were very proud of ourselves and Jake and Bonnie were really impressed with our superb behaviour and our impressive listening skills.
We were very sad to wave goodbye to our lovely visitors but we are delighted that they have agreed to continue to help us develop our knowledge and understanding of their country with the use of Skype!  How exciting!
Danke, Bonnie and Jake.  Auf wiedersehen (for now)! 
Who Were the Forest Folk?
Our topic this term centres around changes in History from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  So far, we have used our understanding of chronology skills to create timelines of this vast period in history and we have produced informative texts after researching various aspects of the Stone Age.  We then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a Stone Age child (but of course, we know that nobody could read or write back then).  We have also investigated the fascinating village of Skara Brae, which lay hidden on the largest Of the Orkney Islands (off the North West coast of Scotland) for thousands of years.  We think the village is intriguing and we have a super understanding of its stories.
To begin our Year Six Science topic, we discussed what we already know about electricity.  We are active learners and we loved using our electricity equipment to make working circuits.  We learnt about the importance of ensuring that each circuit is complete.  During our investigative work, we predicted what might happen to the brightness of a bulb if more bulbs were added to a circuit.  We tested our ideas and talked knowledgeably about our findings.  We discovered that if we put too many bulbs in a circuits, they don't light up at all! We used our language skills to think about suitable comparatives to explain what we had observed.  Super work, Year Six! 
Along with the rest of our wonderful school, we celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday 28th September.  At home, we chose our favourite poem and practised performing it.  In school, we shared our poem with our friends and our readings gave the adults goosebumps! It was a fabulous way to celebrate our love of language and we all enjoyed hearing a vast selection of poetry, written by fantastic poets.  Take a look at the display in our school library to see some of the poems that we shared.  Why don't you try to find your favourite poem? 
Jolly Jars
Congratulations to all of our pupils who entered the Jolly Jar competition.  
Mrs Pendrey and Mrs Gilmour were amazed by our inspired designs!  They thanked all of the children for putting such fantastic efforts into their creations and they said that the judging was extremely difficult.  
Well done to Connor for being the eventual winner in Willow Class.  The judges couldn't believed that he had created three separate entries - and they were all fantastic!
Well done, boys and girls.  You make us so proud with your involvement and engagement - and you have all helped to raise money for our school at the Fayre.  An incredible £1173 was raised on the day!  What an achievement! 
Martial Arts Taster Session
We were enthralled during our recent Bujinkan NinJutsu taster session.  Look at the concentration on our faces! 
The moves were tricky to master but it was great to develop new skills and embark on new experiences.  We showed our developing independence and maturity by choosing the activities that we felt comfortable to attempt. 
Well done to everybody - especially to Alfie, for being a fantastic sport during the 'hold and release' demonstration.  What a positive bunch we are!
Coleford Lantern Festival
Lantern-Making Workshops in Willow Class
The project was developed with partnerships between SOUNDWORK Community Projects; Coleford Town Council; Coleford Area Partnership; The Art of Libraries project; and local schools - including ours!  
We enjoyed a fascinating workshop in our class that was run by local volunteers and artists.  Our pupils had great fun creating impressive lanterns, with the help of a group of wonderful parents and grandparents who very kindly offered their time to support our work in school.  
Our children and their families joined hundreds of other community members in Coleford for a spectacular Lantern Parade on Saturday December 2nd.  The organisers were overwhelmed with our turnout and they praised our children's patience and positivity whilst waiting to begin.  Our lanterns created a sparkling spectacle as we walked through the town centre.  Please view our photographs of the evening on the 'Community Links' page of our website.
Many thanks to Miss Rogers for coordinating our involvement in the project.