Willow Class

Class Teachers: Mrs N Marshall and Mrs S Breakwell
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Sheppard
Welcome to a new year in Willow class. What an exciting start to the year we have had!
Who Were the Forest Folk?
Our topic this term centres around changes in History from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  So far, we have used our understanding of chronology skills to create timelines of this vast period in history and we have produced informative texts after researching various aspects of the Stone Age.  We then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a Stone Age child (but of course, we know that nobody could read or write back then).  We have also investigated the fascinating village of Skara Brae, which lay hidden on the largest Of the Orkney Islands (off the North West coast of Scotland) for thousands of years.  We think the village is intriguing and we have a super understanding of its stories.
To begin our Year Six Science topic, we discussed what we already know about electricity.  We are active learners and we loved using our electricity equipment to make working circuits.  We learnt about the importance of ensuring that each circuit is complete.  During our investigative work, we predicted what might happen to the brightness of a bulb if more bulbs were added to a circuit.  We tested our ideas and talked knowledgeably about our findings.  We discovered that if we put too many bulbs in a circuits, they don't light up at all! We used our language skills to think about suitable comparatives to explain what we had observed.  Super work, Year Six! 
Along with the rest of our wonderful school, we celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday 28th September.  At home, we chose our favourite poem and practised performing it.  In school, we shared our poem with our friends and our readings gave the adults goosebumps! It was a fabulous way to celebrate our love of language and we all enjoyed hearing a vast selection of poetry, written by fantastic poets.  Take a look at the display in our school library to see some of the poems that we shared.  Why don't you try to find your favourite poem?