Willow Class

Here is a copy of our Willow class afternoon timetable, activities will be uploaded daily to Calibrae for these subjects. There is also an overview of the Spring topic, which is a continuation of our 
Invaders and Settlers theme and will focus on Anglo-Saxons for the first half of the Spring Term and Vikings for the second half.
The children will be researching and presenting their own projects about the Anglo-Saxons and ideas for these can be found below.
Thank you to the children for all their hard work and to the parents for their invaluable help and support.
Don't forget to check whether you have any tasks to complete on My Maths.  You can always use the lesson slides to revise what we have learned first.
Why not have a go at this art activity? Have a look around the garden or when you're out on a walk for things that you could use to make different colour bases for paints. You could send in a photo of your finished creation :)