Year 2 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Year 2
Meet the team...
Poetry Basket
Each year group will be learning at least 2 poems each term (please note the poems below have been chosen for children in Year 2).
We will perform and video our poems at the end of the term for you to enjoy!
Why is Poetry important?
"Learning poems together is an enjoyable way of experiencing the play of language
Reciting poetry creates a close bond between the adult and the child
Saying poems out loud emphasises the sounds and rhythms of language or the syllables contained in each word, a vital part of learning to read.
When reciting a poem with actions, children discover and use new words in an almost effortless way.
As children recite poetry, the neurons in their brain light up. By repeating and learning new poems regularly, they strengthen their ability for memorising in this way.
The more poems children hear and recite, the more capable they become of recognising and memorising patterns, a vital part of early maths."  Helicopter Stories 
Story Sacks 
The children love having the opportunity to take home story sacks throughout the year. They include a fiction book and either a non-fiction or a poetry book. To match the fiction, there are fun props to help retell the story and a yummy hot chocolate to enjoy with their books. 
Science - Summer Term 
This term we are learning about plants. We started the unit with a morning in the garden. All children planted their own bean plant and will track its growth during the term. We also planted some yummy vegetables and flowers. 
Maths - Spring Term
This term we have learnt about shape and money. The children enjoyed exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Cheltenham Literature Festival 2023
We had a fantastic morning listening to Rob Biddulph’s journey and inspiration as an author and illustrator. We listened to stories, drew pandas and even made magic wands! 
Now we can’t wait to read about Peanut’s adventures! 
Maths - Autumn Term
This term we are learning about place values of 2-digit numbers. We had a fun practical lesson, using base ten to represent different 2-digit numbers. We had to read both numbers and words. 
Dean Heritage Centre 
To enrich our learning about local history and geography we had a fantastic trip to a local area. The children learnt about life as a Victorian child and explored local geography and how the Forest of Dean has changed over time. 
English - Spring Term 
This term we based our English around 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We wrote setting descriptions, character descriptions and then a diary entry from the Giant's perspective. Following this we wrote instructions of how to trap a mythical creature (in case one ever pops down a giant beanstalk!). The children had a fantastic time in the garden building traps and mapping our the steps of their instructions. 
English - Autumn term 
Our first English unit was poetry. We used a story map to orally retell Miss Chisman’s poem and looked at the features of poetry used. After that, we explored school to generate ideas through our senses so we could innovate Miss Chisman’s story map into a poem about school. Finally, after drafting and editing our poems we published them for a poetry display and created a class poetry book. 
The children have loved developing their gymnastics knowledge and skills through our weekly sessions at the local gymnastics centre. What a fantastic opportunity they’ve had!