Year 5 2023 - 2024

Year 5
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  • Miss Hayward

    Class teacher

  • Mrs Hunt

    Year 5 and Sycamore Teaching Assistant

Science Autumn Term 1
We have been learning about our new topic in Science; Properties and changes of materials. We have been testing different everyday materials in class. 
English Autumn Term 1 
We have been reading the 'Wizards of Once' by Cressida Cowell, it has been an absolutely thrilling book. We have been developing our questioning skills and comprehension skills. 
We have written our own setting descriptions of the book using our figurative language in our writing; similes and metaphors. 
Maths Autumn Term 1
We have been learning about place value and addition and subtraction in Autumn Term 1. Working with numbers up to a million, we have been using place value charts to help us with our understanding of place value. 
We have been using column addition and column subtraction method when approaching our mathematics problems. We have been practicing using inverse operations to find a missing calculation. Our fact families have helped a lot when trying to find a solution to a calculation.
Cheltenham Literature Festival 
Year 5 went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival yesterday to go and watch author Pamela Butchart speak about her new book; The Beasts of the Basement. The children had a great time watching children act out the characters from her new book. We also had the opportunity to get a book signed by the author and ask her lots of questions! The children also went on a scavenger hunt around the festival to locate the mystery birdwatcher! 
We went to Dean Magna as part of a taster day and took part in a computing session where the children had to escape the rocket ship by completing a variety of challenging tasks. 
Science Autumn Term 2
We have been learning about our new topic in Science; Earth and Space. We have been describing the Sun, Earth and Moon as spherical bodies and name the planets in the solar system independently. We have been distinguishing between heliocentric and geocentric ideas of planetary movement and explaining that day and night is due to rotation of the Earth. We have discovered that different places on Earth experience night and day at different times with evidence and  report and present findings from enquiries and explain how the Moon moves relative to the Earth.
English Autumn Term 2
We have been reading the 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q Rauf, it has been an insightful and engaging book. We have been continuing to develop our questioning skills and comprehension skills. 
We have written our own letters to a local newspaper, diary entry including modal verbs of possibility in our writing. 
Maths Autumn Term 2
We have been learning about finding fractions equivalent to a unit and non-unit fraction, recognising equivalent fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed number and vice versa, comparing fractions less than 1, ordering fractions less than 1, comparing and ordering fractions greater than 1, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, adding fractions within 1, adding fractions with total greater than 1, adding to a mixed number, adding 2 mixed numbers, subtracting fractions, subtracting from a mixed number and breaking the whole and finally subtract 2 mixed numbers.
We have also been dividing with remainders, interpreting remainders appropriately for the context, interpreting remainders.
We went to Dean Magna as part of a taster day and took part in art lesson where the children learnt how to blend colours and created their very own colourful bugs!
We went to Forest of Dean Gymnastics and Fitness Centre over Spring Term 1 to take part in gymnastic sessions as part of our physical education. We demonstrated good kinaesthetic awareness, varied speed, direction, level and body rotation during floor performances, used a variety of equipment to vault and to swing, explored progressions of a cartwheels, developed control in the straight, barrel, forward, straddle and backward roll and selected a range of jumps to include in sequence work. The children really enjoyed themselves and worked hard to improve their techniques and skills. 
Maths Spring Term 1
We have been developing our multiplication and division skills, we have have multiplied 2 digits by 2 digits, 3 digits by 2 digits, 4 digits by 2 digits, solved multiplication problems, used short division, divide 1 digit by 1 digit, divided with remainders, used efficient division and solved problems with multiplication and division.
We have used decimals up to 2 decimal places, created equivalent fractions and
decimals (tenths), created equivalent fractions and decimals (hundredths), used equivalent fractions and decimals, showed thousandths as fractions, showed thousandths as decimals, showed thousandths on a place value chart and
ordered and compared decimals (same number of decimal places).
English Spring Term 1
We have been reading ‘Nevermore: The Trials of Morrigan Crow’ by Jessica Townsend, the sequence of learning has developed children’s  understanding of the story, characters, themes and language. This unit covered formal letter writing, internal monologue and a persuasive advertisement.
Science Spring Term 1 
In this unit children have further deepened their learning they have investigated why some craters on the moon are of different shape and size, identified which planets have which levels of gravity in ascending order, conducted their own investigation and experimented to answer their scientific question, presented their findings to the class. They also created an accurate model of the solar system.
English Spring Term 2
We have been reading ‘The Call of the Wild’ by Jack London, the sequence of learning has developed children’s understanding of the story, characters, themes and language. This unit covered; internal monologue, story style of writing and using research skills to prepare a presentation.
Maths Spring Term 2
We have been learning how to find perimeter of rectangles, perimeter of rectilinear shapes, perimeter of polygons, area of rectangles, area of compound shapes and estimating area. We have also been developing our statistical knowledge by drawing line graphs, reading and interpreting line graphs, reading and interpreting table and looking at two-way tables.
Science Spring Term 2
This ‘Forces’ unit the children have learnt about types of forces such as gravity, friction, water resistance and air resistance. Children have also learnt about the use of mechanisms such as levers, gears and pulleys. The children will identify forces and find out about Isaac Newton and his discoveries about gravity, completing a
comprehension about his life and his work. The children have looked for patterns and links between the mass and weight of objects, using newton meters to measure the force of gravity. They worked collaboratively to investigate air and water resistance, participating in challenges to design the best parachute and boat. They
had the opportunity to work in a hands-on way to explore friction, developing their own brake pad for a tricycle or scooter. During some of the practical science work, the children discussed how variables other than the one being tested can be kept the same to help make a test fair. Finally, they found out about different mechanisms, including levers, gears and pulleys, and will design their own marvellous machine.
Egg Drop STEM challenge 11.03.24

The children were given a challenge to create a container that will protect their egg when dropped from a measured height. Out of the 6 groups 4 eggs survived, 2 eggs cracked. The children had a lot of fun creating and testing their containers.
Dene Magna Art Lesson

Year 5 were invited to Dene Academy in Lydney to take part in an art lesson, where they learnt to blend colours and create their own colourful bugs.