K'NEX Challenge

1st February 2018
On February 2nd, pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic K'NEX Challenge!  
Mrs Foy introduced the task and the children immediately got to work.  The room was buzzing with collaborative learning and problem-solving as the children discussed their ideas for the creation of a playground that was suitable for all.  
Their ideas about how to adapt playground equipment so that all children could gain enjoyment were fantastic.  Mrs Sheppard, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Breakwell were incredibly proud of Ellwood's shining stars - and Mrs Foy noted that the children's responses to the task showcased their thorough understanding of equality for all.  She found it very hard to judge the children's playgrounds but she eventually chose Mollie and Sophie (both from Y6) as her eventual winners.  Our excited pair will compete against other engineering greats from different schools in a competition very soon.  Good luck, girls!
We were delighted with our pupils' engagement and it is always a pleasure to hear praise for our wonderful children from visitors.  Well done, girls and boys!