Cultural Links

2017 - 18
Home and Away
Our new whole-school Geography-based topic for the Spring Term, 'Home and Away', has got off to a fantastic start!  Children in Willow welcomed a lovely German lady, called Bonnie, along with her husband, into their class.  Bonnie was born - and brought up - in Germany and she lives there were her British husband, Jake.
The children discovered that Bonnie teaches English to children in Germany and Jake is a translator for adults.  It was fascinating to hear Bonnie speaking in German and the pupils were enthralled as Jake translated everything that she said.
Together, they taught Willow all about Germany, its environment, its people and its culture - and the children learnt lots of interesting things that have inspired their interest in our new topic.  Bonnie also helped the children to learn simple greetings in German - and by the end of the session, lots of short German conversations filled the air in Willow.  Wow!
The children were very proud of themselves and Jake and Bonnie were really impressed with Willow's superb behaviour and impressive listening skills.
The children were very sad to wave goodbye to their lovely visitors but we are all delighted that they have agreed to continue to help our school to develop our knowledge and understanding of Germany with the use of Skype!  How exciting!
Danke, Bonnie and Jake.  Auf wiedersehen (for now)!
St Hilaire de Reiz 
We have just established a new link with a school in France in St Hilaire de Reiz which is twinned with Coleford Town.

The school has previously had a link with a school in India which was very successful. It was a chance for both schools to learn about the similarities and differences between our cultures.

Recent Topics Covered
Chestnut and Beech classes looked at the similarities and differences between life here and that of a traditional rural African village.

South and North America
Sycamore and Willow learnt about life in the two Americas with a particular focus on human and physical geography. They also learnt about food and studied the work of American artists. 
WW1 and WW2
This term Sycamore and Willow have been learning about rationing, evacuation, air raid shelters and the role of women during wartime Britain. They visited the Steam Museum in Swindon and took part in workshops linked to the war.
Hindu Temple
Chestnut and Beech visited the Hindu Temple in Cardiff and learnt about the Hindu cultural.
Mosque and Gloucester Cathedral
Beech, Willow and Sycamore visited a Mosque in Gloucester and Gloucester Cathedral. They learnt about the differences and similarities between the two religious places of worship. 
Clearwell Caves and New Fancy View
Chestnut and Beech visited local significant historical sites. They learnt about iron ore and coal and how this provided the local communities with employment. The iron ore was used nationwide to provide railways that linked Britain and shaped our Nation.
Remembrance Day in Oak Class
In Oak Class we explored the lives of soldiers. We painted a poppy to show our respect (please see Oak Class page for a photo of our poppy display).