English in Action

September, 2017
This month, we have enjoyed two whole-school celebrations of language.  It was great fun finding out all about Roald Dahl and we really enjoyed celebrating his Birthday.  All classes enjoyed listening to one of his classic tales, 'The Enormous Crocodile' - and a variety of work was produced in his memory.  What a great day! 
We also enjoyed celebrating National Poetry Day.  Each class enjoyed hearing, reading and performing poetry.  Children in Willow Class entered the Premier League Primary Stars poetry competition which focused on the theme of 'Resilience'.  The children wrote some beautifully imaginative poems and we can't wait to hear from the judges in the Spring term.
Phonics Meetings
If you were unable to attend either of the Phonics meetings, please use the presentation below to understand how we teach and learn phonics at Ellwood School.  Please see Miss Peart (Oak) or Miss Abbott (Chestnut) if you are unsure about any aspect of our methods.  Many thanks.
Macbeth Trip
On Tuesday 3rd October, 2017, Sycamore Class and Willow Class enjoyed an incredible Macbeth-themed experience at the enchanting Puzzlewood forest, just down the road from our school. 
Throughout the day, the children used fantastic improvisation and drama skills, together with teamwork and cooperation.  We enjoyed an outdoor workshop that was led by a wonderful professional actress.  She helped us to think about the characters within the famous play and she encouraged us to create our own gory spells.  Her enthusiasm for the play and its language really inspired us - helping us to show great confidence as we became wicked witches who scared and impressed her in equal measures!
After a short break, Macbeth himself came to collect us so that he could lead us into the woods for the performance.  We became his army and we were very excited as we followed the path! 
The play was captivating and we loved following the actors around into new areas of the wood.  It was a wonderful setting and we enjoyed the most perfect weather - a crisp Autumn day with beautiful sunlight shining through the leafy canopy.
As the story unfolded, we became entranced.  We worked hard to try to understand Shakespeare's use of language and we joined in with the witches as they cast their spell. 
Our listening skills were superb and the acting team commented on what a superb audience we were.  We are very proud of all of our fabulous children who represented our school fantastically well - and we are all looking forward to producing inspired work in our classrooms.
Please enjoy our photographs below to see a taste of our special day.  We hope our memories will remain with us forever! 
Are You Looking for a Brilliant Book to Read?
These lists will help children to choose engaging, high-quality texts to read. 
In our classrooms, we have used the lists to find great class books.  Willow children are enjoying 'Wolf Brother' (by Michelle Paver) and Sycamore children are reading 'Stig of the Dump' (by Clive King).  Children in Beech, Chestnut and Oak have already enjoyed listening to (and reading) many books from their list. On Roald Dahl Day, we all enjoyed listening to 'The Enormous Crocodile'.
At home, please encourage your child to think about their selections when choosing their library books.  Do you have any of the recommended books on your shelves at home?  When your child has read a recommended book, they should put their name on the list of titles in their class.
One Hundred Brilliant Books to Read in Reception, Year One and Year Two:
One Hundred Brilliant Books to Read in Year 3 and Year 4:
One Hundred Brilliant Books to Read in Year 5 and Year 6: