Design and Technology

Design and Technology 
Ellwood Community Primary School’s mission statement:

As designers we purposefully plan, make and evaluate to help our ideas to come to life.

National Curriculum Link
Design and Technology: Intent, Implementation and Impact
Design and Technology: Policy
Design and Technology: Skills and Knowledge Progression Overview
2023-2024 Learning 
The children in Oak class have been learning about the Autumn season and Harvest time. The children listened to the story `Pumpkin Soup` they then decided it would be a good idea to make some pumpkin soup. The children enjoyed scooping out the contents of the pumpkins. They have even saved the pumpkin seeds to have for their maths area and for some pumpkin seed planting later on in the year. The children really enjoyed making and tasting the soup. It was DELICIOUS!
The children in Willow class have started to create their stuffed toys, they designed their template and cut it out. They selected their fabric and pinned their sections together. The children enjoyed designing the applique the go onto the stuffed toys and practised their blanket stitch ready to stuff them and sew them up!
2022-2023 Learning
Year 3 Autumn 2 2022
This term the children have been designing and creating mini cushions. They have experimented with running stich, cross stitch, applique and the use of stencils. Here they are trying different techniques, you can see they are very proud of successfully threading a needle.
Healthy Eating and Cooking
Upper KS2 had a great time preparing and cooking a healthy spaghetti bolognaise. They included lots of vegetables and learnt how to chop them correctly and safely. They expanded their practical knowledge of how to make healthy food swaps, such as using wholemeal spaghetti. Yummy! 
Beech Class
Beech class have really enjoyed investigating the features of castles, the 2D and 3D shapes that castles could be made of. They created their own designs, thinking about the design criteria. They created, improved and evaluated their designs. 
Chestnut class have designed coasters for family member, they have chose colours and patterns that they would like. This week they have starting sewing our designs on to their coasters. 
Willow Class visited Dean Academy 
Design and Technology in Chestnut Class
This term we have planned, created and evaluated our fire engines
Chestnut Class
Chestnut class have been looking what houses in 1666 were made from and compared this to modern houses. 
The children have started to make houses which we will put together to recreate a London street in 1666.
In Design and Technology the children have been naming different fruits and vegetables. We then designed a healthy wrap choosing our ingredients and then we had lots of fun making them! After the children tasted their wrap we evaluated them, thinking about what we enjoyed and what we would change.
2023-2024 Learning 
Year 3 Autumn Term 2023
This term we are investigating pneumatics. We will be creating our own toys using pneumatic systems. 
Year 2 Autumns Term 2023
This term we are learning about levers, linkages and mechanisms. We will be using these to create our own moving monsters.
2022-2023 Learning 
Spring 2
In Design and Technology, we have been learning how vehicles move. We have labelled parts of vehicles [axles, axle holder and wheels]. The children's design criteria was to make a moving bus to retell the story 'The Naughty Bus'. The children showed lots of our school values whilst building their models. Children showed 'friendship', 'kindness' and 'resilience
Chestnut 2022-2023
Joining materials
This term in Design and Technology we will be making puppets. Today the children listened to the story ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ and discussed the characters in the book, Princess Elizabeth, Prince Ronald and the Dragon. We then practised different joining techniques such as pinning and stapling fabric. Next week we will design our puppets and the children will choose which character they would like to make. We will then create our puppets using the joining techniques and finally evaluate them at the end.
Well done boys for taking part in the K'NEX challenge!
Beech Class - Mineshaft Pulleys
As  part of our local history topic Beech class have been looking at mineshaft pulleys, we researched these, evaluated existing models, designed our own then evaluated them. We reached some hurdles along the ways but discussed ways to strengthen our designs as well as adapt them to ensure the pulley would work.
Design and Technology Club!
Week 1:
The children used felt and a hot glue gun to make a Poppy
Week 2:
The children used egg boxes to create a Poppy wreath
The children used clay to create some Christmas decorations! 
Week 3:
The children painted their Christmas decorations and made Christmas cards
Week 4:
The children made shortbread! Happy Christmas !
Design and Technology in Beech Class
Beech Class have been investigating historical designs to find strengths and weakness in how their houses were built. We looked at how this impacted the Great Fire of London!
We will be making houses in Autumn Term 2!
Beech Class
Clay mines
Beech class have created designs, selected materials carefully when planning their mine. They then made their mines out of clay. The children were focusing on strengthening their structure using key vocabulary such as, stronger, reinforce and support. The children explored using the clay by rolling out their structure first and overcome problems such as the mine collapsing.