Reception Class
Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS]
The EYFS sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS curriculum is followed within Reception at Ellwood Community Primary School.
EYFS Lead: Miss Peart
 Areas of Learning & Development
Prime areas: 
Personal, Social and Emotional Development [PSED]
Communication and Language [CL]
Physical Development [PD]
Specific areas: 
Literacy [L]
Mathematics [M]
Understanding the World [UW]
Expressive Arts and Design [EAD]
How will my child be taught in Reception? 
The EYFS curriculum is delivered through a mixture of adult led and child led learning. The EYFS classroom is set up to allow children to initiate their own purposeful learning alongside small group and whole class activities. 
Child initiated learning:
Small group learning: 
Whole class learning:
Exploring on Forest Adventures:
The children access learning through play opportunities in a well resourced and high quality learning environment. 
Characteristics of Effective Learning
Children will also learn to develop life long learning skills through three key 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' which are set out within the EYFS: 
Playing and Exploring
Active Learning
Creating and Thinking Critically
We learn to develop our 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' with...
As part of the assessment requirements set out in the EYFS, we create an individual digital learning record for each child via 'Tapestry'. 
Links to useful information
Our Outdoor Classroom
The outdoor classroom has been carefully designed to ensure children have access to high quality outdoor learning opportunities. In the EYFS we ensure the children have daily access to the outdoor classroom to support and extend their learning. 
Learning in our outdoor classroom: 
Imaginative Play
In Reception we explore different role play areas to develop many aspects of our learning. Role play is essential in developing the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'.