Super Learning week

Super Learner Week!
Each year we have a super learning week. Children  are given the opportunity to try out new activities, skills and gain new knowledge. This is through a variety of activities; parents coming in to talk about their jobs, visits, guest speakers, local companies coming in to share their knowledge, children looking at future careers and skills outside of the curriculum. 
Summer 2023 
Super Learner Week
Africa day - Chestnut and Beech enjoyed lots of exciting activities linked to Africa on Monday. The children took part in African drumming, making shakers and decorating sticks. They also enjoyed tie-dying t-shirts. 
We are so pleased with the work the children produced we would love to invite parents in after school on Monday 20th July to showcase this alongside other work completed in Super Learner week.
Oak, Chestnut and Beech are very grateful to Mrs Caine who very kindly spoke to the children about her job and the children enjoyed asking questions.
Ian Baird worked with KS2 pupils
Ian also delivered a whole school assembly which included his fantastic travel adventures and spoke about his new books he has recently published. The children felt very inspired after this assembly.
"I am going to go home and start a journal" said one child in Year 1!
All year groups have taken part in an Art day today and focused on creating portraits in the style of different artists! 
This week each class created a healthy snack during their Design and Technology lessons.
Thank you to Progressive Sports who gave all children the opportunity to mini play golf on the field. This was such a great experience for children to have and it was enjoyed by all.