Computing was introduced in its current form into the primary curriculum in 2015.  In addition to the previously taught ICT content, coding (programming) was introduced in order to give today's pupils the necessary computing and problem solving skills for their future careers.  In addition to coding, we look for opportunities throughout the whole curriculum to use and develop our computing skills.  
Chestnut and Beech class started their coding journey by using the system.  By solving problems which gradually get more difficult through years 1, 2 and 3, our pupils learn to create sequences of commands to move characters around the screen, loops to simplify the list of instructions, and IF statements to allow the instruction to differ based on a number of conditions.
Sycamore class and Willow Y5s have been extending their coding skills by developing a maths game using Scratch (an event-based block building language.  In addition to sequencing instructions, they have used loops, conditional statements and variables.
Both Sycamore and Willow class have also created websites and blogs in HTML/css using the weekly system.
Our Y5 pupils have been learning about stop-frame animations and, using the I Can Animate app, created their own short films.