January 2018

3rd January 2018
Whole-School Trip to The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth
We enjoyed a fantastic start to our English Week at The Savoy Theatre today.  OH YES WE DID!
Three buses were needed to transport us (including a huge 70-seater) and we were all very excited as we pulled away.
At the theatre, we laughed, sang, danced, cheered and occasionally hissed when the baddie, Abanazer, appeared.  Our children were superb members of the audience and the staff at the theatre praised their impeccable behaviour and huge enthusiasm.  There was a lot of dancing in the aisles! 
The pupils were especially enthralled as the company, Spontaneous Productions, had joined with the local youth theatre academy, The Savoy Youth Theatre.  This meant that the chorus and smaller roles within the pantomime involved children and young people.  Their singing, dancing and acting has inspired many of our pupils!
We are very grateful to our fabulous ‘Friends of Ellwood School’ who donated towards the cost of the trip so that costs could be lowered for families.  We also feel very lucky that our staff members (including our wonderful lunchtime supervisors) are always willing to attend these occasions so that trips can go ahead.
We had to wake lots of happy, tired children as we arrived back at school and we were all very excited that it was dark upon our return.  We hope the children slept well this evening!  Thank you for your support and for allowing your children to experience the magic that was Aladdin.  
Please keep your eyes peeled for photographs and more information about our trip.  The children will be creating texts over the next few days that will be uploaded soon!