Oak Class 2023-2024

My name is Mrs King and I am the EYFS teacher in Oak class and the EYFS Lead at Ellwood Community Primary School.
If you have any questions or queries please contact me on - oak@ellwood.gloucs.sch.uk
My name is Mrs Chiswell and I am the HLTA for Oak Class.
Summer 1
Please see attached the Subject Overview for Summer 1. This provides information of the themes we will be focusing on this term. As always themes are altered and planned around the interests of the children. We will be starting our Big Brush programme this term and our role play area will be transformed into a dentist for the term. I`m sure the children will be putting their new found knowledge of oral hygiene to good use when role playing in the dentists.
Forest adventures
Spring has finally sprung and Mrs Rees and the children have been busy getting the garden beds ready for the season. The children have enjoyed digging the beds over and prepping them for planting. Each week the children enjoy Forest Adventures and learn amazing facts and discover new things about our world.
For the Summer 1 term we are very lucky to be going to the local gymnastics centre. We go once a week to learn new balance, strength and coordination skills through gymnastics. We are really enjoying these sessions.
Science Day
we are very excited to be able to have frogspawn in a tank in our classroom. We have been learning about what happens during the lifecycle of a frog and we are very much looking forward to the frogspawn hatching into tadpoles, then turning into froglets and then frogs. We are keeping a close eye on the tank and the changes that are happening. We created a lifecycle hat, wrote some great sentences to describe the lifecycle and we are getting much better at sounding out independently and using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of our sentences.
World Book Day
We have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite character from a story we enjoy reading and listening to. We had our year 6 buddies come into class to read our favourite stories to us, which was lots of fun. As a class we then read Supertato, we created our own vegetable super heroes. Don’t they look brilliant?
We are working very hard to write number sentences for number bonds to 10. We have been using a tens frame and 2 sided counters to help us.
Please see attached the subject overview for Spring 2. Its hard to believe that we are half way through the academic year already. The children are loving school and are thriving in their environment. We will be experiencing lots more exciting opportunities this term. The children have shown a great interest in playing teachers this term so our vets role play has been put away for another day and we now have a designated area where the children can become the teacher through their learning through play opportunities. As always we try and take the learning through the children's interests and they have already had a sneaky peek at their new role play area and I know they are very excited.
We have enjoyed a taster session of cricket. We were given the opportunities to practise our catching, pair work and batting, it was lots of fun.
Please see attached the subject overview for Autumn 2. As always we cater for the child`s interests so some aspects may alter. It is going to be a fun filled term with Christmas on the way.
We had so much fun on our first trip to Perrygrove that we then decided to go to the Pantomime to see Mother Goose. We had so much fun `Oh yes we did`!
We have had the most amazing time at Perrygrove. We met Santa, went on a train, played hide and seek and climbed the tree tops. We had so much fun on our first trip.
The children have settled in well to school and are enjoying exploring their new environment, building relationship and learning lots. 
Our first Forest Adventure experience was amazing and the children had the most fantastic time
Please find attached the overview for the year ahead. We do however adapt the plans to suit the interests of the children, ensuring that we have a rich and diverse curriculum. 
Please see attached the Policies relevant to parents, children and staff in Oak Class
The Big Brush
We are very excited to be taking part in the Big Brush Programme. The aim is to get all children in Oak class to be brushing their teeth with more confidence and understanding of the importance of oral health. We will be brushing our teeth everyday in school after lunch. Every parent has given their consent and support and many have expressed how grateful they are for having the extra support with such an important topic. We have been having a little practise at tooth brushing before we get started.
sand shack
We are very excited to have had the grand opening of the new sand shack. There are lots of fantastic opportunities for play in our new sand shack. It’s lovely to be a able to get in and dig, take opportunities to explore maths, develop our gross motor skills and work in collaboration with our friends taking turns and using our imaginations to role play, investigate and create many different scenarios that become rich with language and vocabulary. 
we are very lucky to be having biking lessons once a week as part of our PE lessons. We are learning the skills needed to ride a bike without stabilisers. We are also learning about bike safety, which is a fantastic life skill to learn so early.
Please see attached Spring term 1 Subject overview. As always the curriculum is adapted to suit the interests and needs of the children. This term not only will be be having a home corner role play area that will be enhanced with props to support each traditional tale we will be focusing on each week. But, we will also be having a vets role play area as the children have shown a particular interest in animals during their learning through play opportunities.
We had some fantastic farmers today dressed up ready for their first ever performance in front of parents for our Harvest Assembly. The children looked and performed fantastically. Well done Oak Class, we were very proud of you!
We have been learning about about the Autumn season and Harvest time. We listened to the story `Pumpkin Soup`, we then decided it would be great to make our own pumpkin soup. We enjoyed scooping out the contents of the pumpkin and saving the seeds for our maths area. We even saved some for seed planting later on in the year. It loved making and tasting the soup. It was DELICIOUS!
Once the children had been in school for 4 half days, it was time for everyone to have lunch together. They were very grown up and enjoyed sharing their lunchtime with one another!