Oak Class 2018/19

Welcome to Oak Class page!
Class Teacher: Miss Peart
Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jones
Cattle Country - July 2019
We had a fantastic time on our end of reception trip to Cattle Country. The children enjoyed bouncing on the jumping pillows, playing in the play areas and going down the big slides in the play barns. The children also had the opportunity to meet lots of animals in the animal experience barn. We were lucky enough to get to bottle feed the calves. 
Little Princess Production - July 2019
The children were really excited to watch a play performed by 'The Little Princess Production'. We then wrote recounts based upon what the play was about. 
Newent Cookery Session - May 2019

We had a great morning at Newent Secondry School making savoury rock cakes with Pippa!

Firstly the children worked in pairs to mix the margarine and flour together. Then the children chose 3 savoury ingredients to put in their rock cakes. The children chose lots of interesting combinations (olives, tomatoes, lemon juice, pesto to name a few). The children then mixed in their chosen flavours and added milk to create the right consistency.

We then split the mixture into 2 trays before putting them in the oven to cook. While the rock cakes were cooking the children washed up their equipment and cleaned the worktops.

We discussed with the children the different things we need to do to keep safe in the kitchen and all of children were able to follow the safety rules. I am really proud of the children’s behaviour as they listened really well and followed multiple instructions! Well done everyone!

Thank you to our parents for contributing towards the cost of the trip as without your support these experiences would not be possible!

Birds of Prey - March 2019
We were very lucky to have Mike from the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre visit our school with some of his birds of prey. 

He talked us through all of the birds of prey that he had brought with him and did some demonstrations with the birds. 

2 children from each class were lucky enough to hold the tawny owl at the end of the demonstration. 
The children and the birds were very well behaved and both the teachers and Mike were impressed.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly - March 2019
We are so excited to have a special delivery in Oak class linked to our learning about Spring! The children are excitedly watching the caterpillar grow and shed their skin ready to move onto the next stage of the life cycle. 
World Book Day - March 2019
We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day today. The children made a fantastic effort with their costumes. The children also enjoyed swapping an unwanted book for another book for them to enjoy at home. 
January 2018 - Forest Adventures
Today the Ellwood Fairies had left us a message asking for help to make decorations for a party. The children thought that pirates might be coming too so they set about creating. We found some coloured earth and made our own paint and made our own brushes with sticks. We also weaved ribbons and threads around sticks. 
We wish you a Merry Christmas! 

It's been a fantastic first term in school. The children have settled in really well and impressed us with their learning.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with your family and friends and we are looking forward to welcoming the children back in 2019 after a well rested break!

November 2018 - Children in Need
The children dressed up in spots for 'Children in Need'. We took part in fundraising activities with the whole school and we learnt about what 'Children in Need' raises money for. 
November 2018 - A cold a frosty morning!
We took our phonics lesson outside! We went on a sound hunt to find all of our 'Phase 2' sounds. We then wrote our sounds in the frost. 
September 2018 - Life Bus
We had a fantastic time on the 'Life Bus' on Thursday. The children met Harold the Giraffe who is very excited about going to his grandparents’ house and they help him check he has everything in his bag including the items in his wash-bag. The children thought about what makes them happy and joined with some exercise before 'sleeping' under the starlit sky. 
September 2018 - European Day of Languages
In Oak Class we explored Italy. We learnt some important information about Italy and looked at Italian landmarks. We then tasted some pizza and decorated our own Italian flags. 
September 2018 - Expressive Arts & Design: 
Exploring the different sounds that musical instruments make in our music sessions. 
Sports Day - July 2019
We had a fantastic time taking part in Sports Day this year! The children took part in a variety of activities - football, cricket, curling, long jump, bean bag throw and running races. Well done to everyone for taking part. 
Thank you to our families and friends for coming along to support us! 
Science Week - June 2019
We started learning about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. The children really impressed us with their knowledge about animals that live in cold climates. We also found information about the Arctic and Antarctica in the Atlas from the 'Travel Agents' role play.  

We then took part in a science experiment called ‘Blubber Gloves’. The children had to put their hand into a ice cold bucket of water to see how long they could keep it in the bucket for. They then put on a glove (filled with violife) and repeated the experiment to see whether the ‘blubber’ kept their hand warmer. The children had a great time taking part in this experiment and were all really excited when it was their turn to have a go.

We then spoke to the children about the effect of human activity on the world. We had a circle time to talk about how we can protect the planet.

Teepee - March 2019
The children have been excitedly watching Tim our handyman put together our teepee for our outdoor classroom.

BIG thank you to ‘The Friends of Ellwood School’ who bought the teepee for us! We really appreciate the friends support in enhancing our outdoor classroom!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - February 2019
We have been exploring the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children created story maps and wrote shopping lists for Sophie and her mum. The children also wrote tea party invites to their teddies. We then hosted a tiger tea party on the last day of term. We have really enjoyed reading this story and have ticked it off our '100 Brilliant Book' list! 
December 2018 - Our trip to the Pantomime! 
We had a fantastic time visiting the Savoy Theatre in Monmouth to see the panto 'Dick Whittington'. The children really enjoyed the panto and their behaviour was a credit to the school.
December 2018 - Post Office 
We have started to explore our new role play area. The children have been busy delivering parcels, writing letters, cutting out stamps and using the till. 
We are really grateful to Mrs Woodhouse for lending us the 'Royal Mail' uniform. The children have really enjoyed dressing up. 
October 2018 - Dear Zoo 
In Oak class we were really excited to receive a delivery of animals from the story of 'Dear Zoo'. We then created our own story maps using the animals to help us remember the story. 
September 2018 - Forest Adventures
We really enjoyed our first 'Forest Adventure' session with Mrs Rees on Friday! The children explored the garden with great interest. 
September 2018 - Learning through play in the outdoor classroom!
September 2018!
I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new children and families who have started in Oak class this year. The children have been busy exploring the indoor and outdoor classrooms. The children are forming friendships with their peers and settling into school life really well!