Welcome to Eco Council

We had our first Eco Meeting in September and discussed what we would like to do to improve our environment.

Here is our priority list.  We soon realised that some of these items would to take too long to fit in the school day so we decided to meet after school for each Tuesday in Autumn 1 to get things done.  We called it Eco Club.


1.  Improve our use of bins so we can recycle better.  Mrs Rees agreed to source a storage unit to stop the boxes blowing around.  Council members agreed to encourage their classes to use the new bins.  We made a rota for emptying the bins.


2.  Switch off taps and lights in classes.  Representatives will discuss with their classes.


3. We heard about an opportunity to save green plastic milk lids to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Mrs Rees will sort a bag and the Eco Council will encourage classmates to use it.


4. Learn more about compost.


5. Improve the open fences with more shrubby trees to provide homes and food for wildlife. woodland trust provide free trees.


6. We would like to improve the litter situation.


  1. Work towards the Bronze award from Woodland Trust as we do many of the activities anyway and it would be good to try some of their ideas.