October 2021

1st October 2021
Happy Harvest!
All of the children have been celebrating the 'Harvest Festival' this week in school. 
A BIG thank you to our parents/carers and staff who donated an amazing amount of food for the Forest Food Bank! 
Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service - October 2021 
Oak and Chestnut class had a visit from two firefighters. We learnt about fire safety and then had the opportunity to go into the fire engine and use the hose. 
We had lots of fun and really enjoyed learning more about the firefighter occupation! 

Soar Song - October 2021

We would like to share with you some fantastic work that Beech Class have been working hard on.

Over the past couple of weeks, they have been looking at ballads. They listened and discussed different ballads and then we were challenged to write their own ballad as a class based on a short video.

They created the lyrics and then learnt to sing them to the tune of a popular song.

We hope you enjoy!

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