Eco Competition Jan 2021

We are holding an Eco competition for children across the school.
There are three different activities, depending on Year Group.
EYFS/ Year 1 'Who am I?'

Think of an animal, bird or insect that you think might visit our school grounds.

 Draw, paint or make a model of your animal, bird or insect.
Year 2/ Year 3 'Saving the Planet'
Think of some ways that we can all help to ‘save the planet.’
Make an A4 poster to tell people one or more things that they can do to help
Years 4, 5 and 6 ' What's the Problem?'

Choose an environmental issue / problem that interests or concerns you.

Present the issue in any way that you like.


The competition will be judged by the Reverend Michelle.

There will be a prize for the winning entry in each Year Group - 7 prizes awarded in total.

Full competition details, ideas to help you get started and information on how to enter will be posted on the school platform.