Willow Class 2023-24

  • Mrs Woodhouse

    Y6 and Willow Class Teacher

Welcome to Willow, 2023-24!
What a wonderful start to the new year we have had!  We are all working very hard with our teachers each morning, and we enjoy joining together each afternoon.
During our Move-Up sessions, before beginning together in September, we wrote a class poem: 

Willow Class

In Willow Class, we are proud to be a team,

We believe in our potential and we really love to dream.

When we are together, we support and help our friends,

We know that on each other, we can always depend.


In Willow Class, we aim high and achieve,

In work and in play, our successes interweave.

When we face challenges, we take them in our stride,

Our achievements as a class always fill us with such pride.


In Willow Class, we really do belong,

Together, our sense of community is strong.

Each one of us is valued; we all have a role,

We are the best that we can be – that is our goal.


Please check our class page, together with our Dojo posts, to see what we have been enjoying in class.



  • Mrs Genner-Morris

    Y5, Y6 and Willow Class Teaching Assistant

Mock Trial at Coleford Police Station
Y5/6 Mock Trial This afternoon, 13 children took part in a ‘mock trial’ which was organised by Gloucestershire Magistrates Court. The children were given a script of the trial that was going to take place, which they had to read and learn. Some parts required outfits that would suit their roles. It was fabulous to see shirts and ties, smart dresses and every day clothing to help portray the characters.
In attendance at the trial, to help the children, were active magistrates, a judge and Gloucestershire’s deputy police commissioner. The children took the roles of the prosecution team and we went up against St. John’s on the Hill school, who were the defence team. Our team consisted of witnesses, a legal advisor, magistrates, prosecutors, an artist, a reporter, witness service team and a youth offending team.
The event took place at Coleford Police Station, where a court room is still set up, even though it’s not in use. Each member of the team was given a seat, which mimicked a real life trial, where they remained for the duration. In turn, the children took up their roles with confidence (and a few nerves). Every single one of the team were pushed out of their comfort zone and rose to the challenge when acting in their role. I couldn’t have been prouder of every single one of them. They showed resilience when under pressure and their hidden confidence shone through.
Visit from Sue Middleton Forest Verderer
We really enjoyed a visit from Sue Middleton to talk to us about her role as a Verderer.
The children in Willow class have started to create their stuffed toys, they designed their template and cut it out. They selected their fabric and pinned their sections together. The children enjoyed designing the applique the go onto the stuffed toys and practised their blanket stitch ready to stuff them and sew them up!
The children in Willow have been learning how to play Tennis in PE, they are practicing their forehand, backhand, overarm and serving strokes. They worked hard on their accuracy and use a continuous rally. The children worked hard to demonstrate effective footwork patterns to move around the court. The children have really enjoyed playing tennis!
The children in Willow have been learning about BBC MicroBits, they have learnt how to add and change the variables, they created a variety of uses such as a pedometer, polling tool and counter. They enjoyed challenging themselves whilst working on them. 
Willow Class have been learning about music from South and West Africa. They have learnt new words from a song from Ndebele. The song was performed in a Capella.